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Alghero, situated at the North-West Coast of Sardinia, is a town that boasts a vast stretch of unbeatable coastline. It is a land of hidden treasures making it one of the hot spots for tourists and has found a prominent place on the Mediterranean map. It is credited with being the first tourist port in Sardinia, also known as the Coral Riviera. The ideal marine environment is home to rare species (like the coral) and is famous for its rich underwater fauna.

The surrounding territory stretches in a plain land rich in vineyards and olive groves, that with the local fishing industry made the economy of this area long before tourism.

Despite being a main tourist destination, Alghero manages to retain the natural beauty that is the origin of its international success for the thousands of visitors each year. Of the many interesting sites, here are a few that one cannot afford to miss out on visiting when holidaying around Alghero:

The Old town Locate on map

The Old town “Alghero Vecchia” is the charming old town, surrounded by seven great towers and the old walls that still stand at the sea edge and which date back to the Catalan-Aragonese conquests in the sixteenth century. The narrow cobbled streets and alleys of the Old Town are abuzz with people and activities until late at night. Summer and spring are the peak seasons when the whole city comes to life. The car-free zone of this historic centre is perfect for enjoying a leisurely stroll where you can find p... read more »

Capo Caccia & the Marine Park Locate on map

Capo Caccia & the Marine Park The promontory of Capo Caccia, also known as the Sleeping Giant, is the undisputed symbol of Alghero, standing just north of the town’s bay. These sheer cliffs, known paradise for climbing lovers, drop to very deep water providing fantastic views of the coast. Not to be missed is the breathtaking panorama from the cliff in front of the island of Foradada. On the top of Capo Caccia, which is the extreme western point of Sardinia, stands a lighthouse 186 metres above sea level, visible even from a... read more »

Neptune’s Grotto Locate on map

Neptune’s Grotto This geological treasure is easily accessible by boat from the harbour of Alghero but if you prefer the exercise, you can brave the 656 steps of the Escala del Cabirol stairway from the top of Capo Caccia, 110 metres along the cliffside and down to the cave entrance. The length of the grotto is approximately 4 km but only few hundred metres are accessible to visitors yet this is ample distance to marvel at the spectacular caves, caverns, tunnels and underground lakes, all surrounded by some of t... read more »

Porto Conte Natural Reserve Locate on map

Porto Conte Natural Reserve One of the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean is the Porto Conte Natural Reserve that spreads all around the bay of Porto Conte, also known as the ‘Nymph’s Bay’, stretching from the majestic promontory of Capo Caccia to the smaller headland of Punta Giglio, both limestone rocks. You will witness the variety of the landscape, from plains to cliffs, hills, creeks and bays, a true haven for nature lovers who get a wonderful opportunity for bird watching or for the more serious hikers or jus... read more »

Anghelu Ruju Locate on map

Anghelu Ruju This pre-Nuragic Necropolis is situated just few km outside the town of Alghero near the airport. It consists of 38 tombs carved on the sandy rocks underground and is a site of archaeological interest. It was discovered by accident in 1903, during land preparation for the Sella & Mosca vineyards and is one of the most important, complex and vast necropolis in Sardinia. Carvings of horned bulls’ heads adorn the tombs the typical symbols of all necropolis and “Domus de Janas” found on Sardinia... read more »

Nuraghe Palmavera Locate on map

Nuraghe Palmavera One of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Sardinia, this Nuraghe dates back to 1600 B.C. At the centre stand the remains of a cone shaped structure which once was a beautiful palace. The surrounding ancient village is now reduced to the circular remnants of the stone huts. Of all these, the most interesting is the ‘Reunion Hut’, which, experts say, was the central meeting place for debates and religious discussions. In the middle of the hut one of very few miniature Nuragic towers ever ... read more »

Lake Baratz Locate on map

Lake Baratz Few kilometres far from Alghero, near to the beautiful Porto Ferro bay, Lake Baratz is the only natural freshwater lake in Sardinia. It is surrounded by a forest of conifers, especially pine trees, and claims a variety of wildlife. The lake prides itself on the existing fauna, rich in both migratory and hibernating species. It is ideal for a relaxing walk on the lake side path through the “pineta”, where you can rediscover the peace and the sounds of nature, but especially recommended for bird w... read more »

Sant’Imbenia Locate on map

Sant’Imbenia The recent discovery of this Nuragic site, in the early eighties, unearthed some of the most amazing findings in Sardinia, such as Greek and Phoenicians vases and other materials that are preserved at present in the National Museum in Sassari. The peculiarity of this archaeological site is certainly the fact that this Nuraghe has a unique square base, of which only a few rows exist today. These historic sites speak a lot about Alghero’s culture and its glorious history and are well worth a vi... read more »