our suggestions

Well… start your morning stopping by one of the many “Caffetteria” for a hot cappuccino and a pastry filled with delicious cream. When going to the beach do not forget to stop by “Bar Milese” to grab some focaccias for your snack or lunch by the sea…. They are amazing and unique!

There are many beautiful beaches for you to choose from, white sand or rocky, in the proximity of Alghero… but if you love to “live your holiday to the fullest” grab a camera and spend the day enjoying with activities you love, such as diving, canoeing, wind-surfing, climbing, hiking, biking, discovering, golfing, horse-back riding, playing tennis or going for a day-out on a yacht or sail boat, you name it!

In the late afternoon a nice stroll around the old town for shopping, while you visit the historical center, is not to be missed… and do not forget to be by the Bastions for sunset… your eyes will not believe it! Just around the corner there is one of the best restaurants in town, where you can have a simple and organic meal with the local quality ingredients and the soft ambience of “ La Botteghina”. By night time the port side, the old town and the long “Passeggiata” are the best places to be, walking around the crowded and lively promenade (with an ice-cream in your hand of course, …oh they are all so good!) where you can find numerous outdoor bars where to enjoy your favorite drink or try the famous Sardinian liqueur: Mirto. Some of these bars offer live music to warm up the night… just be careful not to have too much Mirto before you start dancing!

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